At ALG we stay informed with new and changing regulations so that we can best assist our clients. 

Consulting Experience

For over 20 years, ALG has provided resourceful consulting to a broad spectrum of clients, allowing them to manage environmental compliance matters.

Ashworth Leininger Group offers expert air quality and environmental consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients - industry, trade associations, and agencies.

Client Benefits
ESG and Sustainability


ESG considerations have become an increased area of focus and importance for our clients. See how ALG can provide technical expertise addressing ESG issues.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard


ALG is one of the few LCFS verification bodies approved to conduct verification services for all LCFS reporting sectors



Seasoned, experienced and personable with industry smarts, the whole ALG crew are THE "go to" air quality experts for all my industrial clients in California

At ALG we stayed informed with regulatory developments at the local, state, and federal level so that we can best assist our clients: