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Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Ashworth Leininger Group's litigation support practice leverages our demonstrated technical expertise in environmental compliance and permitting matters. ALG’s principals have been admitted as expert witnesses and supported legal counsel in a variety of complex litigation matters over alleged violations of the federal Clean Air Act and California Clean Air Act. Our specific expertise includes:

  • New and modified industrial source compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) preconstruction approval programs: New Source Review (NSR) and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) programs

  • Compliance with the EPA Benzene Waste NESHAPS at chemical plants and industrial sources

  • Ambient impacts of industrial sources (stationary and mobile) on nearby residents and receptors posed by commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities

  • Incremental cancer risks posed by diesel particulate emissions from mobile and stationary sources

  • Challenging the necessity or cost effectiveness of proposed State Implementation Plan amendments identified as necessary to achieve nonattainment plan goals

  • Commercial, industrial, and retail facility compliance with applicable federal and state air quality regulations

  • Compliance with EPA and California Air Resources Board fleet regulations for both on-road and off-road fleets

  • Compliance with California Air Resources Board Consumer Product regulations

  • California Proposition 65 prior warning requirements

  • Project approvals under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

ALG routinely supports legal counsel in resolution of EPA, state, and local agency enforcement matters. This work typically includes focused technical analyses of historic activities and emissions, engineering studies relative to control requirements (LAER, BACT, BARCT, RACT and MACT/NESHAP), ambient air quality/health risk analyses as necessary to confirm potential impacts, settlement histories and compliance analyses relative to applicable requirements. ALG staff has participated as technical experts at scores of administrative proceedings (both local variances and orders for abatement) before state and local environmental hearing boards.

Environmental Consulting Litigation Support, Clean Air Act, NSR, PSD, Benzene Waste NESHAP, CEQA

"Seasoned, experienced and personable with industry smarts, the whole ALG crew are THE "go to" air quality experts for all my industrial clients in California. Time and again, they have provided the technical underpinnings so necessary to "win the day" at air quality hearings, rule makings and enforcement proceedings."

- Environmental Lawyer, Los Angeles

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