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Wastewater Municipalities


Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG)’s Pretreatment Program support services practice supports both municipal and industrial facilities with the full suite of technical services necessary to comply with federal, state, and local Pretreatment Program requirements. 


Pretreatment Program support requires expertise in municipal wastewater pretreatment program development and compliance, including experience with foundational program materials that include legal authority and agreements, local limits, enforcement response plan, as well as permitting, inspection, monitoring, and reporting procedures. The ALG pretreatment program team’s specific experiences in these areas are as follows:

  • Pretreatment Program Implementation: ALG routinely assists municipal clients to develop and implement wastewater control programs, including evaluation and update of foundational pretreatment program components such as the legal authorities (sewer use ordinance [SUO], multijurisdictional agreements [MJAs]), local limits, and enforcement response plans (ERPs);

  • Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Programs: ALG routinely provides direct support to industrial clients to manage their wastewater programs. Project experience ranges from overall program compliance, such as performing self-audits or gap analyses of facilities’ regulatory compliance obligations, to targeting specific issues, such as evaluating wastewater quality and determining appropriate treatment, developing sampling standard operating procedures or determining appropriate operational best management practices (BMPs);

  • Municipal Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Audits/Inspections: ALG staff has conducted over two hundred pretreatment compliance inspections and audits (PCIs/PCAs) on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of California;

  • National Pretreatment Program Development and Implementation:  ALG staff supported the 2005 “Streamlining Rule” update to the general pretreatment regulations, and helped to develop many National Pretreatment Program guidance documents, including the Streamlining Rule fact sheet series, the Pretreatment Compliance Audit Checklist and Instructions, and the Local Limits Guidance Manual, and presented national, state, and local workshops and trainings on these topics


  • Obtain NPDES Permits, Waste Discharge Requirements, and Renewals


  • Prepare Standard Operating Procedures and Best Management Practices (BMP) Implementation Tools


  • Evaluate compliance with NPDES Permit Requirements and Assist in Resolving Noncompliance Issues

Industrial Wastewater Pre-treatment

  • Develop, Implement, and Assess Pretreatment, Industrial Wastewater, or Source Control Programs


  • Prepare Standard Operating Procedures, Program Policies, and Guidance Tools


  • Develop, Implement, and Assess Pollution Prevention Programs, including Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG), Automotive Facilities, and Dental Mercury Control Programs


  • Perform Industrial User Characterizations and Categorical Determinations


  • Develop, Evaluate, and Update Legal Authority Materials, including Sewer Use Ordinances and Multijurisdictional Agreements


  • Develop and Re-Evaluate Local Limits and Enforcement Response Plans


  • Assist with Industrial User or Industrial Waste Surveys


  • Design Templates and Forms, including Industrial User Permits, Permit Applications, Fact Sheets, and Inspection Checklists


  • Support Enforcement Activities, including developing Notices of Violation, Compliance Schedules, and Enforcement Orders


  • Develop Public Outreach Materials, including BMP Brochures and Informational / Educational Posters or Other Materials

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