Aerospace - NOx Burner Retrofit Program
Bulk Loading Initial Title V Permit
Chemical Facility - Waste Management Optimization Program
City Pre-treatment Program Update and Implementation Assistance
DNA Manufacturer - Dispersion Modeling
Dairy Digesters - LCFS 3rd Party Verification
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Eyeglass Manufacturing
Fleet Retrofit Rule Development
GHG Report Verification - Power Plants
Gasoline Retailer - Air Quality Climate Change Assessment
Glass Manufacturing Plant - Hazardous Waste Oversight
Hazardous Waste Audit and Waste Management Plan
Hazardous Waste Oversite
Health Risk Assessment - AB2588
Industrial Energy Efficiency - Energy Star Certification
Maintenance Facilities - Technical Advocacy in Support of Response to CUPA Enforcement Action
Manufacturing - Streamlining Annual Storm Water Reporting in CA
Oil & Gas - Environmental Compliance Sustainability
Oil & Gas Producer - CARB Mandatory Rule (MRR) Verification
Paper Recycling - SPCC Plans
Petrochemical Firm - Litigation Support
Power Cable Manufacturing - Permitting and Compliance
Power Generation - CEMS Audit
Power Generation - Training
Proposition 65 - Compliance Implications
Refinery - GHG Mitigation Program
Refinery - Onsite Staffing
Refinery HRA - Expansion Project
Retail - Streamlining HMBPs
Sanitation District: Industrial User Permitting
Steel Manufacturing - Compliance Program
Steel Manufacturing - Facility Audit
Stormwater Permit Implementation
Streamlining SPCC Across Multiple Business Groups
Streamlining SPCC Across Multiple Business Groups
Technical Advocacy and Expert Witness Services
Time Schedule Order (TSO) Permitting
Utility Provider - HRA and Permitting

ALG has demonstrated experience and expertise in each of the practice areas and industries we serve.  Below please find a series of articles summarizing recent work efforts in these areas.

Representative Projects