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Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Business Objective

Integration of existing business management systems to support environmental compliance is at the heart of an efficient and effective corporate compliance program. Too often, environmental compliance management systems are separate and distinct from facility operations and management programs. This can lead to costly inefficiencies, lack of shared objectives among business teams, and poor execution/performance of ongoing monitoring, recordkeeping and monitoring tasks. Allowed to continue for many years, such stand-alone programs can become costly to maintain and difficult to justify to management. Rather than purchasing new stand-alone compliance software, industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities seek to partner with environmental consultants to customize and adapt their proprietary corporate management systems to assure ongoing environmental compliance.

Technical Approach

ALG has a proven track record of adapting corporate management programs to assure ongoing compliance with applicable environmental requirements. Upon project inception, ALG works closely with corporate and facility staff to define the performance objectives of the enhanced EMS. Once project objectives are set, we then develop a project management matrix that sets out the management objectives, executable tasks, associated costs, and schedules, deliverables, and team members’ roles and responsibilities. Tasks may include gap assessments, benchmarking analyses, identification of key performance indicators, and refined workflow and management assignments. Integration of these task deliverables into the EMS can be best achieved with a solid understanding of current management systems together with clear and transparent management of compliance tasks among our clients’ technical, management, vendors and operations staff. Depending on the scope of services, beta testing may be used to assess the functionality and utility of new/amended EMS components. Training is typically provided by ALG staff and follows corporate LMS programs, as appropriate.


For the past 20 years, ALG has optimized EMS programs for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial and manufacturing companies, including retail, logistics, alternative energy, biotech, pharmaceutical, petro/chemical, electronic manufacturing and entertainment companies. This broad client base demonstrates how ALG can adapt core EMS elements into a spectrum of corporate IT platforms, providing needed flexibility for our clients. It has been our direct experience that these customized EMS programs provide cost-effective alternatives to stand-alone retail EMS packages, which are costly to deploy and often require hefty annual license renewal fees to keep in place.

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