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GHG Attestations

GHG Attestation

Scope 1 and 2 Emissions Verification

A key component to the ESG plan is documenting high quality emission inventory data.  Such data will be reviewed by investors, so implementing a quality data management system is important.   While all businesses are not subject to state or federal GHG reporting and verification, investing in an external accredited entity to validate your data management and emission inventory system will reduce your risk, giving investors additional confidence in your ESG plan.

ALG has a well established verification program.

Over the past twelve years, ALG has conducted over five hundred GHG audits of industrial, commercial, fuel supplier, and logistics/transportation firms. Our engineers and scientists are recognized as experts in the quantification and verification of GHG emissions, having developed auditing templates that meet the most stringent agency verification procedures and protocols. Our client work has been audited by state agencies, who have singled out ALG’s work product as representing best practices among firms that provide these services.

GHG Attestation Process
What does the attestation process look like?
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