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Over 25 Years


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We have the know-how you need.

Ashworth Leininger Group was formed to offer expert air quality and environmental consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients – industry, trade associations and agencies.
For over 25 years, our firm has played a leadership role in securing new manufacturing capacity that realizes improved efficiency and significant reductions in environmental impacts. ALG has helped develop and implement innovative equipment design and control technologies that have made our projects some of the cleanest facilities in the US. 


Our Practical Experience

in compliance has allowed us to develop efficient environmental management systems that improve compliance and garner significant savings. We have worked with a variety of trade associations and companies and together with federal, state, and local agencies to develop innovative and flexible regulatory programs that concurrently provide significant environmental benefits. Finally, our principals have been admitted as expert witnesses and supported legal counsel in the defense of client’s interests.


Our Vision is not simply to help our clients comply with environmental regulations, but to design compliance strategies that optimize our client’s business objectives while providing significant environmental benefits.

work style

At ALG we emphasize efficient teamwork, effective communication, a supportive and flexible work environment, and continuous improvement.

The success of this clear vision is evidenced by our low employee turnover, which is a benchmark in our industry. Our clients recognize the benefits of our strategy: we continue to work today with clients who helped found our firm.

"ALG has been our consultant of choice for dealing with the challenges faced by a medium size company complying with CA Air Regulations. They offer a full complement of services including support at hearings, negotiating permits, annual compliance assistance, and auditing. All with a friendly and practiced ambiance."

Corporate Environmental Manager

Paper Manufacturing.

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