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Client Benefits

These four principles guide our practice. Our focus remains fixed on our client’s objectives, whether it is to secure new productive capacity, improve the efficiency of environmental management programs, resolve potential compliance issues, or craft efficient emission reduction programs. For over twenty five years, our clients have relied on ALG for client-focused, cost effective, and resourceful solutions in support their environmental management programs, regulatory advocacy, and corporate growth objectives. 


Low Overhead

Our business strategy allows ALG to deliver highly  skilled expert technical consulting at a reasonable cost.

Financial Report

Superior Project Management

ALG budgeting, scheduling, and cost tracking programs are fully integrated into our consulting practice and allow our staff to deliver our work product within compressed schedules if necessary.

Partnering, Environmental Consulting, ALG


We partner with our clients to define levels of effort that match our clients requirements and expectations.  this allows direct cost control, leverages our clients' expertise, and improves project execution.

Innovation, Environmental Consulting, ALG


Our clients rely on ALG to craft clever and pragmatic solutions to environnmental challenges.  Our innovation derives from a solid understanding of the underlying science, a command of the applicable regulatory requirements and interpretations, a practical technical understanding of our clients' operations, and a demonstrated ability to navigate through the federal, state, and local regulatory bureaucracies.

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