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Corporate ESG

Corporate ESG:
Sustainability Practice

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have become an increased area of focus and importance for our clients, their governing boards, shareholders, and customers. Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG) provides technical expertise, practical acumen, and resourceful project execution essential in managing the novel challenges and opportunities associated with ESG issues.

Our Strengths

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification and third-party auditing, providing a transparent and defensible basis for corporate ESG programs;

  • A deep understanding of the complex web of ESG -related frameworks, standard setting bodies, and ratings organizations, including international ESG related regulatory requirements;

  • Accurate, defensible, and transparent life cycle analyses and climate risk assessments that are essential to managing ESG design and integration;

  • Technical assistance to corporate management, financial institutions, and legal counsel in crafting ESG policies and initiatives, either as part of the management team or in our role as independent auditors or strategic advisors;

  • Evaluating and documenting GHG emissions reductions from the application of new, innovative GHG reducing technologies and the technical basis and analyses necessary to secure tradeable credits in carbon credit markets

See how ALG can help your business reach your ESG Goals:

ESG Design and Plan
ESG Design
GHG Inventories
GHG Inventories
Life Cycle Analysis
Life Cycle Analysis
ESG Attestations

Bart Leininger


Irra Core


Elliott Ripley

Our Team

ALG’s dedicated ESG team includes former corporate environmental directors, credentialed GHG auditors, and environmental and process engineers who have guided ESG analyses and disclosures for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, retail, and manufacturing clients.

"ALG has always provided our team with sound, specific and logical guidance. This has proven beneficial in our relationship with Federal and State regulators. Their experience and knowledge has kept us in full compliance within a quickly changing industry and we are extremely confident and happy with their support."

- Terminal Manager, Fuels and Marketing Distribution

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