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Keeping Your Cool with Respect to Refrigerant Permitting & Reporting

Don’t lose your cool over permitting your air conditioning system per South Coast AQMD Rule 1415. Rule 1415 applies to non-residential air conditioning systems (>50 lbs capacity), and is designed to reduce emissions of both ozone-depleting refrigerants and high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. Considering the vast number of industrial sites subject to this rule, here’s a quick summary of who this rule may apply to and the basics.


This rule applies to any person who owns or operates a stationary, non-residential air conditioning (AC) system in the South Coast AQMD with a charge capacity greater than 50 pounds that that provide cooling to a space to an intended temperature of not less than 68°F for the purposes of cooling objects or occupants. Confirm that your AC units qualify as AC units and not refrigeration units (Rule 1415.1 applies to refrigeration units and is reported through the California Air Resources Board). Such systems are typically used in supermarkets, cold storage warehouses, food processing plants, and process cooling operations. Rule 1415.1 is equivalent to the Refrigerant Management Program (RMP).

ALG’s Compliance Tips

SCAQMD has recently updated their website so that all of the requirements for this rule MUST be filled out and submitted online. Some tips from ALG to navigate these requirements:

  • Check that the contractor inspecting your equipment holds a current certification and completes all forms correctly.

  • Any leaks MUST be repaired within 14 days and records are required.

  • Make sure forms are completed within the calendar year.

    • Try to schedule your annual inspections before December so that if there are delays, there is still time to get completed within the calendar year.

  • Paper submissions are no longer allowed; all reporting must be done online.

  • Plans are required to be submitted every 2 years; submittal deadlines are based on previous submittals, not a fixed deadline for all facilities, so be sure to mark the next submittal deadline on your compliance calendar.

Worried about your compliance with Rule 1415 and/or 1415.1? Contact one of ALG’s experienced staff to vent your AC system permitting & reporting concerns: Elliott Ripley: (805) 764-6004;; or, Alice Morgan: (805) 764-6020;

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