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Industrial Energy Efficiency - Energy Star Certification

Business Objective

ALG was contracted by a major manufacturing company in California to verify their Energy Star performance data to be included in the US EPA Energy Star Certification application. Since 2006, the ENERGY STAR Industrial Program has certified manufacturing facilities performing within the top 25% of energy performance for their industry; only 95 US manufacturing plants earned the Energy Star Certification as of this writing. Operation at Energy Star Certification levels reduces a facility’s reliance on electricity and fossil fuels, thus reducing cost, and also significantly reducing air pollution, including toxic emissions and greenhouse gases.

Technical Approach

ALG’s team developed a comprehensive and systematic data gathering matrix and workflow plan to ensure that all data necessary and sufficient for verification of the Energy Star Certification application was relevant and documented. This methodology ensured that all EPA verification requirements were addressed thus allowing the data set to be transparent and reproducible for future Energy Star Certification applications. Consistent communication with the client and EPA minimized delays, and ensured accurate and straightforward documentation and analysis.


ALG successfully assisted the client evaluate their eligibility for the program. Analysis was performed within the requested schedule and to the satisfaction of the client. ALG’s successful execution of this project has resulted in the client partnering with our firm to support future certifications.

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