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Retail - Streamlining HMBPs

Business Objective

A major retailer with over 100 stores within California recognized the need to streamline its Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) compliance program to both manage compliance obligations, improve contingency planning and response, streamline updating procedures and allow for continued rapid expansion into new markets. ALG was contracted to overhaul all aspects of the company’s HMBP program, including material inventory, contingency planning, leverage exemptions provided in the program for retail operations, and streamline data management through the California Environmental Reporting Systems (CERS), and properly recognize local CUPA guidance and regulations.

Technical Approach

As the client has locations throughout the state under several the jurisdiction of various Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs), ALG designed and developed an enhanced data management system to support the HMBP program. The database included a comprehensive matrix to track accurately the appropriate hazardous materials inventoried at each location, facility-specific data necessary and sufficient to comply with all HMBP program requirements, and including staffing and site improvements. The matrix and database was designed so that updates could be uploaded directly into the CERS database, thus streamlining annual reporting and periodic updates. ALG revised all of the individual site maps and emergency response plans through use of pre-approved computerized templates that reflected county-specific guidance. Use of these new templates realized significant improvements when onboarding new locations into the HMBP program.


ALG’s HMBP program enhancements now assure that our client will meet annual HMBP inventory and program updates at its 100+ retail stores. The new tool achieved the anticipated cost savings, which accrue annually as HMPBs continue to be updated. Moreover, the HMBP tool has reduced compliance oversight from local CUPAs, further reducing compliance costs and streamlining environmental compliance work flow requirements.

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