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CEQA Mitigation Advocacy

Mitigation and Advocacy

ALG works with project applicants and lead agencies to identify feasible measures to mitigate air quality and greenhouse gases. Ideally, the goal is to mitigate the identified impact to less than significant. Where this is not possible, ALG works to identify all potential measures to reduce emissions, determine which measures are feasible and which measures are not feasible, and document the extent to which impacts can be mitigated with implementation of all feasible measures.

This analysis supports project approval by local lead agencies, when supported by findings that all feasible mitigation measures have been incorporated and that the project's benefits outweigh its adverse impacts.

CEQA Mitigation Environmental Consulting

How do we navigate through the CEQA Process?

Once an Environmental Impact Report is prepared under CEQA (or an Environmental Impact Statement is prepared under NEPA), the lead agency will circulate the document to adjacent landowners, nearby residents, public agencies, and other interested parties for their review. These parties have an opportunity to provide comments on the environmental document or the project itself during the public comment period – either in writing, or in person during a public hearing.

ALG works with project applicants and lead agencies to secure approval of the environmental document and the underlying project by providing the following services:

  • Providing comments on behalf of the project applicant to address issues raised by other parties, to supplement information provided in the environmental document itself, or highlight project benefits;

  • Preparing suggested responses to public comments on behalf of the lead agency;

  • Responding to technical questions regarding the air quality or greenhouse gas analysis at public hearings;

  • Testifying on behalf of the project applicant at public hearings regarding the environmental analysis or the proposed project

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