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ALG - Leading Provider of GHG Verification Services

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

For over 25 years, ALG has offered expert air quality and environmental consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients, agencies, trade associations, and industry. ALG has been accredited as a Verification Body by CARB since the inception of its AB32 mandatory greenhouse gas reporting program in 2010. ALG has performed third-party CARB greenhouse gas report verifications for electricity generation and cogeneration facilities, electricity transaction entities, fuel transaction entities, biomass combustion, geothermal power production, cement production, hydrogen production, petroleum refinery facilities, and agricultural producers, among others.

Since inception of the AB32 program, ALG has steadily increased the number of verifications performed every year, being responsible for an average of 9% of the required verifications each year among over 25 verification bodies accredited by CARB. Based on CARBs latest published figures in December 2020, ALG was the leading provider of GHG verification services, completing 75 independent verifications in 2020, adding up to over 360 independent verifications completed since the first reporting year in 2009.

We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients and we take great pride in the accomplishments of our verification team as they continue to lead the way with CARB GHG verifications and reporting.

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