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Complying with the Updates to the Oregon Stormwater General Permit

The new Oregon Stormwater Discharge General Permit No. 1200-Z has been adopted as of March 25, 2021! While existing 1200-Z industrial stormwater sites do not need to submit a permit application for continued coverage, they will need to make several changes to their stormwater compliance programs to meet the requirements of the new permit. There are a few key dates linked to the rollout of this permit, including:

July 1, 2021 – 1200-Z Permit becomes effective, all existing monitoring waivers expire, and sampling requirements resume for all permittees

August 31, 2021 – Mandatory Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SWPCP) update submission deadline

July 1, 2025 – Monitoring is reinstated for all permittees for the remainder of the permit term

June 30, 2026 – Permit expiration

Although the revisions to the new permit are not as extensive as originally proposed, there are several requirements that will affect each 1200-Z facility, such as:

  • Newly established geo-regions for updated statewide benchmarks

  • Removal of the oil and grease statewide benchmark

  • Updated statewide benchmarks and impairment parameter reference concentrations

  • Repeated exceedances of impairment reference concentrations escalate into individual facility numeric water quality-based effluent limits

  • Samples should be collected for visual observations

  • Monitoring waivers require 5 consecutive sets of sample results below applicable statewide benchmarks

  • All facilities must conduct monitoring during the last year of the permit term (monitoring waivers expire)

  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) will be submitted electronically via Your DEQ Online

If you would like to learn how the new 1200-Z Permit requirements may affect stormwater issues at your site, or need assistance in updating your SWPCP, contact Christine Wong at or at (805) 764-6019.

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