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New Oregon DEQ Verification of GHG and Clean Fuels Reports

Oregon DEQ (ODEQ) now requires independent 3rd party verification of greenhouse gas emissions reported under its Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Clean Fuels Programs (beginning with 2021 reported emissions). Verification must be completed, and results submitted to ODEQ no later than August 31st, annually.

Verification must be performed by ODEQ approved verifiers who have met strict application, accreditation, and examination requirements. Ashworth Leininger Group has met these requirements and is an accredited verification body for these new ODEQ programs. Oregon entities may now begin contracting approved verification bodies for the 2022 verification year. ODEQ will reach out to responsible entities in the coming months with details about the verification process and to confirm relationships between entities and verification bodies. Reporters may contact ODEQ via email at

Washington State will soon require independent 3rd party verification of emissions beginning with 2023 reported emissions. Fuel and electricity transactions between California, Oregon and Washington may have reporting and verification obligations in multiple states.

Although emissions report verification is a new requirement in the states of Oregon and Washington, ALG has extensive verification experience as it has been accredited in the State of California for over 10 years, has performed over 450 verifications, and continues to be the leading verification organization for the last several years.

If you would like to learn more about ALG’s verification services, contact Mike Waller at or at (805) 764-6003.

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