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Transportation Refrigeration Units

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has updated the requirements for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs). These new requirements affect you if you own or operate any of the following:

  • trucks, trailers, or shipping containers with TRUs

  • shippers or receivers that arrange for the transport of perishable goods

  • refrigerated warehouses or distribution centers greater than 20,000 square feet

  • grocery stores greater than 15,000 square feet

  • seaports

  • intermodal railyards

What must I do if I own or operate trucks with TRUs?

Owners of truck TRU fleets must replace 15% of their fleet with zero emission TRUs by December 31, 2023, and replace 15% more of their fleet each year until they reach 100% zero emission TRUs by December 31, 2029. If you lease your trucks, you must ensure that the truck owner’s fleet is in compliance with this requirement.

What must I do if I own or operate existing trailers or shipping containers with TRUs?

If you have a diesel-powered TRU, the engine must meet in-use performance standards within seven years past the engine’s model year, with some exceptions. You can meet this requirement either by replacing the engine or retrofitting it with controls.

What must I do if I am buying a new trailer or shipping container with a TRU?

You must make sure the TRU engine is certified to meet a PM emission standard of 0.02 g/hp-hr or lower. All new TRUs must use low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, or use no refrigerant at all.

What must I do if I ship or receive perishable goods?

You must ensure that TRUs you dispatch or contract for transport comply with the regulation.

What must I do if I own or operate an applicable facility?

By December 31, 2023 you must submit a registration to CARB. You must begin collecting information about the TRUs that operate at your facility and ensure that only compliant TRUs are operated at your facility.

These new requirements apply to everyone involved in transporting refrigerated goods through the state. If your operations involve TRUs you will need to make sure that the units you own, operate, lease, or that operate at your facility meet the requirements. If you would like more information about these requirements or assistance in developing a plan to meet them, please contact Ben Ellenberger at

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