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Glass Manufacturing Plant - Hazardous Waste Oversight

Business Objective

A long-time client contacted ALG to assist in managing environmental compliance tasks during a transition in our client’s environmental department. Working with corporate staff, ALG was asked to review and provide necessary oversight over hazardous waste issues, including daily inspections, waste shipments, monitoring and reporting consistent with large quantity generator (LQG) requirements. This assistance was needed in short order, and was to continue until a new environmental manager could be hired and fully integrated into our client’s operations.

Technical Approach

In less than a week, ALG provided onsite support, which we coordinated with facility and corporate staff until a new manager could be trained. Our staff reviewed and confirmed all waste management practices relative to LQG requirements, confirmed characterizations for all waste generation streams, performed weekly hazardous waste area inspections and managed hazardous waste manifest reporting and record retention. During this on-site work, our staff also helped streamline and optimize waste management practices. For example, the facility generated numerous wastes among multiple storage areas. ALG effectively modified inspection checklists and waste tracking methods to streamline the inspection process. I n addition to performing and reviewing staff’s inspections records, ALG managed manifest reporting to Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) and follow-up with the Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (TSDF), as appropriate.


ALG routinely partners with our clients to provide on-site assistance when necessary. In this case, we were able to step in within a short period to ensure ongoing compliance with a LQG requirements. We also recognized the opportunity to improve practices, where appropriate, and provide on-the-job training which we have found is most effective in translating the complex web of LQG requirements into simple tasks.

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