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Petrochemical Firm - Litigation Support

Business Objective

A petrochemical firm acquired chemical manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States. It was determined shortly after the acquisition that there was widespread and significant environmental non-compliance at these newly acquired facilities. Outside counsel sought ALG's technical expertise to evaluate non-compliance with specific air quality regulations, and to provide an expert opinion regarding compliance and the corrective actions necessary to remedy the environmental issues. Because this matter was litigated, ALG served as a key expert witness during trial to assist the petrochemical firm in settling the environmental claims.

Technical Approach

In close coordination with Outside Counsel, ALG performed a detailed environmental assessment of the acquired chemical assets relative to the air quality regulations at issue in the case. This evaluation required significant time and effort. ALG visited the newly acquired chemical manufacturing operations, interviewed technical and environmental staff on multiple occasions, collected volumes of environmental data, and prepared a detailed and independent expert witness report detailing its findings and the corrective actions necessary to remedy the violations. This report was defended by ALG during pre-trial depositions. For trial, ALG prepared its written expert witness testimony, and defended it during cross-examination. Finally, ALG supported outside counsel as it prepared trial briefs and prepared for depositions of fact witnesses and hired expert witnesses.


ALG's client was successful in settling its multi-million dollar claims in this case. According to the client and its outside counsel, ALG's testimony during trial proved invaluable because ALG was able to communicate the seriousness of extremely complex violations in a clear and understandable way.

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