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Power Generation - Training

Business Objective

ALG was approached by a large power generation company to assist with updating site-specific permit familiarization training programs for one of their multiple Title V facilities. Each unique Title V facility permit set forth detailed matrices of emissions and performance standards applicable to the electrical generating units and support operations. Training was provided at each of the power plants when the respective Title V permit was updated, and on a periodic basis based on the needs of the staff operating the plants. ALG's assistance was requested to help improve the content of the training materials, provide new training tools to enhance retention of what was presented, provide onsite "beta" training and follow-up evaluations on program improvement, and provide instructor training to the company's training staff.

Technical Approach

ALG’s technical approach for updating the client’s permit training program included: 1) Developing the principal training documentation (PowerPoint presentation) that focused on the source emission/performance standards, associated monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements and facility/company-specific compliance methods, 2) Provide teaching aids (summary tables, guidance documentation, handout references, etc.), and 3) Administration of a training quiz/questionnaire to confirm understanding of/re-enforce key concepts.

ALG also developed and presented a “train the trainer” seminar to company training personnel, environmental staff and process/production management. The presentation-training seminar focused on the use of effective communication techniques including preparation, presentation methods, question techniques, adult learner strategies, and effective use of various teaching aids to hold the participant’s interest and made the presentation more memorable.


ALG was, to the client's satisfaction, able to provide the updated training materials, conduct onsite beta training and present the "trainer training" seminar in a timely and professional manner. Upon completion of these initial requests, ALG has secured additional work from the client to assist in updating the training materials and programs for the rest of their Title V facilities.

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