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Streamlining SPCC Across Multiple Business Groups

Business Objective

ALG was contacted by a major warehouse distribution operation to update and streamline their Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for all facilities across California. Previous plans were out of date, had been prepared inconsistent from one another, and were confusing to use and costly to update. ALG was tasked to prepare a standardized SPCC format that met all EPA requirements, and customize each plan as appropriate to address unique characteristics of each client location.

Technical Approach

ALG leveraged our extensive experience with SPCC requirements to strategically execute preparation of SPCC plan revisions. The initial data gathering step was to secure the previous versions of the SPCC plans for each facility. ALG reviewed and critiqued existing SPCC plans for each facility, which identified gaps in the current plans and allowed for development of a new, streamlined and user-friendly SPCC template. Following review and approval by our client, ALG then populated facility-specific information for each new SPCC, and executed requisite site visits (a requirement for non-tiered plans) at a significant cost savings.


ALG successfully assisted our client transition to standardized SPCC plans, which are simple to follow and will be easy to update as the facility operations expand. The revised plans facilitate consistent implementation across all facilities to prevent accidental releases, react to spill events as they occur, and ensure compliance with Federal and local SPCC requirements.

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